Extreme irritation…

On Friday, I told you all how my comments were going to spam. Now, apparently at least in one place they aren’t even making an appearance there. As was recommended, I tried to contact Askimet to alert them of this problem, but they are “out of the office” until September 22! I’m sure you can imagine how incredibly frustrated I am.

Take that Askimet:

 So know this: I have tried, and will continue to try to comment on your posts. Please continue to check your spam and/or pending folders for my comments and set them loose if you find them. I am hoping that the “disappeared” comments that haven’t even made it to spam are just lagging in time somewhere. AND, AND if anyone has any suggestions as to a solution, I’d love your help.

Sorry and thank you all at once!

60 thoughts on “Extreme irritation…

  1. That’s weird and infuriating. There’s definitely something odd going on with WordPress and postings as well as comment notifications. I used to get an email whenever someone whose blog I’ve subscribed to posted a new entry. Now either they pop up in my spam folder or they don’t show up at all. Same with the comments and replies. I used to be able to rely on the inbox notifications, but now I’m forced to go into the WordPress Reader thread, which doesn’t help simply because there are bloggers in my subscription who repost or post a number of different posts a day. They’re just sort of hogging the thread there. I know it would be simpler to just go to the blogger’s site, but that’s a lot of bloggers, and I’d rather be directed to their new postings.

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    1. Now that you mention it, I’ve noticed other weird, new things. What are they up to? I swear, they make tweaks and modifications to the platform and it just messes up a whole bunch of other features. I just can’t believe that Askimet would completely shut off their help center for a whole week. That is beyond ridiculous. And they kind of have you over a barrel. What am I going to do? Start a fresh blog somewhere else after blogging here for all this time? So frustrating.

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    1. If another blogger discovers the comments in their spam folder and approves them, it will fix the problem with their blog only. I would have to find a way to contact each blogger who I’ve commented on to ask them to check…. Thus posts like this one, hoping to draw people’s attention, so they go check. I am especially concerned about the comments I tried leaving but haven’t even gone to spam. That is especially bad.

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      1. The question is where have they gone. This is the first time that I’ve heard of this type of problem. It’s highly unusual. At least you discovered the problem. I wonder how often it happens but goes undetected. You’ll have to let us know what you discover.

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      1. So WordPress is out on holiday as well! No email support until the 23rd! They suggest going to one of the forums for help on a problem. But if the problem is not on my end the forums aren’t going to be any help, right?

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      1. Yes, it’s the weirdest thing! I remember Rob told me once he thought it might be the amount of comments he was making in one day triggering them to be marked as spam. Don’t know if that’s true, but maybe that’s it? You still probably have to wait for them to get back and do the form…

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  2. I can’t believe there’s no support with anyone for so long! Why the hell would they shut down completely?? They couldn’t leave a few people to cover? Give them a break later? How ridiculous. Anyway, you are all good on my blog. 🙂

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      1. I would bet there are problems with every platform though. Although this bites, I have read horror stories… lol… and it seems WP is usually the most recommended… I hope as people unspam you, the system will re-learn that you’re not spam. That is what happened to me… just a few unspammed and in a few days it was all better…

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      1. Yep! It’s one reason I’ve wanted to go self-hosting for over a year. I’ve been working with their support on some transfer issues and I let them know this morning that while they are all together it would be a good time to get the Askimet side of the house to fix the bug in the spam filter. We’ll see.

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    1. It seems to be. I understand glitches and ghosts in the machine, but what I don’t understand is why ‘everyone’ left town all at once. Certainly someone should be left to mind the store. Indeed, all’s well.

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