Painting (11) Bridge Over the Delaware River

Last September, I attended a wedding at the beautiful Lambertville Station Inn. It was a perfect night, clear and mild with a gorgeous sunset. I took a photo that evening of the New Hope – Lambertville Bridge with the sun going down behind it. I’ve always wanted to try and recreate it in a painting. Here is the result:

And the photo I copied:

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 13: Signs

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

It was a lovely coincidence to have ‘signs‘ as the prompt for this week’s drawing challenge at the same time that Cee’s Black and White Challenge had ‘building and storefront signs’ for the photography theme. I decided to meld the two (sort of) and draw one of the photos I’m posting tomorrow. (Monochrome Monday)

I live just outside the small town of Sellersville in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Sellersville is along the Liberty Trail, the route by which the Liberty Bell was transported from Philadelphia to the Lehigh Valley for safekeeping, shortly before the British occupation of Philadelphia in 1777. On the Main Street of town, is the Washington House Restaurant and Hotel, and if you turn the corner onto Temple Avenue, you will find the Sellersville Theater –an old movie theater converted to a venue for live music in the 2000’s. They coordinate with one of the city’s Public Radio stations and bring all sorts of fantastic performers and artists to the town. So here is my drawing of The Sellersville Theater (and its signs) for this week’s challenge:

Breaking Bread – Available on Kindle

My latest novel in The Bucks County series is now available in e-book format on Amazon! And within a few days, after working out the kinks with formatting, the print edition will follow.

You can find all the Bucks County Novels in both print and e-book on Amazon. If you have read and enjoyed the books, one of the best ways to support an independent author is to 1) spread the word and 2) leave a good review of the book.

Thank you all for your kindness, honest feedback and friendship during this process.

Breaking Bread:

Maya Kaminsky has finally realized her dream of owning a French bakery cafe, despite the opposition of her rigid, narrow-minded family. But as the business grows and thrives, Maya discovers she has an enemy. Beginning with petty mischief, the cafe becomes targeted by vandals who quickly escalate to dangerous sabotage. To complicate matters, Maya’s childhood friend, Brad Logan, moves back into town and with his recent inheritance, buys her building, intending to help her out. However, Maya’s fierce independence makes it a struggle to accept help from anyone, let alone a man with whom she finds herself falling in love. Nevertheless, Maya will need all the help she can get to save both her business and her life.

About the author:

My name is Margaret but everyone calls me Meg. I am a Pennsylvania native and a Bucks County resident since 1992. I write because I love books. I want to crawl inside them and live among the characters, solve their mysteries, fight their villains, love their heroes… You get the idea! I hope you enjoy The Bucks County novels: a series of romantic suspense stories set in the region where I live.