Painting 42: Thoor Ballylee

In Gort, County Galway, not far from where I live, sits Thoor Ballylee — a Norman tower purchased by WB Yeats to refurbish into a family home. The tower was built in the 15th century by the de Burgo (Burke) family but became part of the Coole Estate belonging to Yeats’ dear friend and patron, Lady Augusta Gregory, from whom he purchased the tower in 1916/17. This is my painting in miniature of Thoor Ballylee. And the photo I used for reference (via Wikipedia)

Lockdown Paintings (38, 39, 40 & 41)

Ireland has given me lovely scenes to paint. I’ve had to rely on photos since we’ve been under a 5km [3 mile] limit on travel since December. But now we are free to move about so I hope to get to see more of my adopted country this summer. Here are some of my latest pieces —the only creative things I’ve indulged in during the last few months.

The Cliffs of Moher in miniature
The Long Walk, Galway

Painting (37) Connemara

So it’s been a while… I’ve really hit the creative doldrums. This painting is the only thing I’ve finished in the past few weeks [or maybe months now? I’ve lost track…] Anyway, hoping to get some wind in my sails and carry on.

The Connemara Mountains can be seen in the distance from my house. But they are especially lovely in the golden sun of late afternoon. Here they are as seen from the West side of them — the side closest to the North Atlantic.