Painting (25) Barren Tree

I needed a little mental health break and I had one last blank canvas to use before I pack up all my art supplies. While the result is a little eerie, the process of painting all the little branches of this barren tree was soothing. And the background is cheerful at least. Here is the last painting I will do in this house:

Painting (24) Morning In the Forest

For my drawing challenge this week, I’m supposed to draw trees. This is what you would call putting the cart before the horse. Most painters sketch out an idea and then use it as a guide to paint. I did it the other way around: so here is my painting and tomorrow I will show you the drawing it inspired!

Painting (23) Climate Change

As you can see, this is not a high quality canvas. I misread the description when I ordered them on line. Oops! This is a canvas board, not a stretched canvas and you can see the texture through the paint. An underpainting would have helped I think. Anyway, it actually looks less obvious in person, but I do plan to try again. I started out with the idea of painting a misty sunrise and after getting the sky finished changed my mind to paint this stark landscape. Then the title came to me…