Painting (37) Connemara

So it’s been a while… I’ve really hit the creative doldrums. This painting is the only thing I’ve finished in the past few weeks [or maybe months now? I’ve lost track…] Anyway, hoping to get some wind in my sails and carry on.

The Connemara Mountains can be seen in the distance from my house. But they are especially lovely in the golden sun of late afternoon. Here they are as seen from the West side of them — the side closest to the North Atlantic.

22 thoughts on “Painting (37) Connemara

    1. Hi Beach! Thanks! No not abducted by aliens, just really stuck in a rut and rather down in the dumps about it. I hope I can pull myself out of it. Hope y’all are well! 😃

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      1. It’s been pretty good here. People are considerate and cooperative. I have felt like the government has been proactive. Although we’re all weary of the restrictions, most everyone is doing their part.

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