The Bucks County Novels

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Three Empty Frames, Book One of the Bucks County Novels, is the First Place Winner for Mainstream Fiction in the 2017 Writer’s Digest E-Book Awards! Read on:

Life just got complicated for Jennifer Dunne. Her dead mother’s diary has revealed clues to a famous art heist from the 1960s. Have the missing masterpieces been hidden among her things all this time? Jen is targeted by a pair of ruthless criminals who certainly think so. Meanwhile, she’s falling in love with her new lawyer, who works with her to unravel the clues. But will the fledgling relationship survive when another handsome rival appears on the scene? And have the clues to the whereabouts of the missing masterpieces led them astray? Were the paintings hidden in plain sight all along?

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breaking bread_01 copy
Book 5 in the Bucks County Novels

Maya Kaminsky has finally realized her dream of owning a French bakery cafe, despite the opposition of her rigid, narrow-minded family. But as the business grows and thrives, Maya discovers she has an enemy. Beginning with petty mischief, the cafe becomes targeted by vandals who quickly escalate to dangerous sabotage. To complicate matters, Maya’s childhood friend, Brad Logan, moves back into town and with his recent inheritance, buys her building, intending to help her out. However, Maya’s fierce independence makes it a struggle to accept help from anyone, let alone a man with whom she finds herself falling in love. Nevertheless, Maya will need all the help she can get to save both her business and her life.

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Book 4 in the Bucks County Novels

Why would anyone want to hurt Olivia Sutton? Her life was finally coming together after her divorce. She’s found new love with contractor Leo Donovan and made a fresh start in a new home. When she becomes the victim of one too many random accidents, she realizes someone is stalking her. Has something in her past come back to haunt her? And can she and Leo discover the secret before it’s too late?

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Book 3 in the Bucks County Novels

Joni Cooper is in the best shape of her life. In fact, she’s training for the Boston Marathon. So why does she feel like the last kid picked for the team? Mostly because her two best friends have fallen in love with a pair of handsome brothers. It looks like she’s stuck with the third and final brother, Graham, as an escort for both weddings. Even though Graham is gorgeous and successful, he’s also irritating as sin. Will the two of them manage to call a truce until the two couples are married? Or will the sparks these two generate erupt into a five alarm fire?

Available on Amazon.  Find it here!


Book 2 in the Bucks County Novels

Beautiful, hardworking, Desdemona Murray doesn’t see herself the way others do. She only remembers the awkward teenager she once was. The talented landscape designer is hired to install a custom deck at the home of star football player, Ethan Samuels. When she catches the eye of the handsome professional athlete, and he begins to pursue her relentlessly, she is at first, flattered and amazed. However, her heart belongs to a man whom she believes only considers her a friend. Adam Quinn has always been a ladies man, not one to settle down, or so she thinks. Little does she know his feelings for her run much deeper. When Des finally sees both men for who they really are, the choice she must make is obvious. But when she chooses, Des finds out how dangerous it can be to break free from a man who can’t take no for an answer.

Available on Amazon.  Find it here!

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    1. This is the dilemma of all authors who self publish: how to promote! You’re making a good first step by starting a blog. Are you going through the query process, trying to find an agent? This is something I’m working on myself. It might take a lot of query letters to find the right agent to represent you. The website may be helpful! Good luck! Keep in touch!

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      1. Srinath, I’ve just deleted your comment on my About page. Please don’t do that again. Use your own blog site for promotion, not someone else’s. I sincerely wish you the best of luck promoting your work. Thanks in advance for respecting my wishes.

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      2. Sorry Meg…but I wanted to just message you.. but there was no option there…are you there on facebook…so that I can get in touch with you…?


      3. Thank you… will send you the story…in case you happen to like it please write a favourable review for the story… It is a tribute to the great american writer John Kennedy Toole 🙂


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