La Boulangerie

Do not laugh. Ok, you can laugh… I have started another blog to feature some of my own recipe concoctions. I am not really trying to become a food blogger, but I wanted to organize my stuff in one place. This is borne of not being able to adequately utilize Pinterest, if you want to know the truth. I might be a Pinterest idiot but I can’t find a way to save your own stuff there without providing a link to an outside website. As I was fuming over it, I thought about doing the side blog and sort of connecting it to my book: Breaking Bread. So with that in mind I have created …

La Boulangerie

I haven’t put any recipes up yet, but I’ll get started soon. If you join me over there, I’d be delighted, but if you don’t, I won’t be offended.

32 thoughts on “La Boulangerie

      1. Well I think your first challenge will be how to change the title from “Le Boulangerie” to “La Boulangerie”.

        I just know that any francophone will be picking that up and thinking “Zut alors ! Zis is une parodie d’orthographe correcte.” 🇫🇷😦

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      2. Ah, damn! I should know better! Well, I can change the title just not the actual URL name. You’re right, I am persona non grata with the Francophones. Sigh…

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