One Tree

One lonesome tree

Gives such welcome shade to me

One lonesome girl with grass stained knees

With her book, finds quiet and peace

Still working on the next section of Small Cuts. Sorry for the delay! Hopefully I will have it for next Friday.

Twenty One

Her blue black hair curves to the line of her chin

A stark contrast to a pair of bright blue eyes

She is tall and willowy, only accentuated

By black tights and a short skirt

She reads Kafka and pretends to enjoy it

Writes overbearing poetry with bloated metaphors

It is 1987 and she is 21 years old

The age of majority

But young enough that everything

Seems as serious as a heart attack


Time ~ A Poem

Ticking clocks and Westminster chimes
The infernal tolling of bells
Time, time taking its toll
Leaving behind desiccated remains
Holes carved in weary hearts
Two halves cleaved from the whole
All you ever wanted was someone like me
All I ever wanted was to be somebody else
If you could just heal the divide in me
Maybe I could breathe life back into you
Restore in me the will to live
Restore in us both the hope to love
Silence the clocks and stop time

[Illustration my own.]