Out of Reach

I idly sit and watch from my throne of inertia
While the bridges I so carefully built
Are thoroughly and systematically destroyed
And with them, the pathways are forever cut off,
Leaving one side of the shore isolated from the other
Except for the occasional stone you throw
Which lands harmlessly at my feet
It’s as if the tectonic plates have shifted beneath us
And earth itself has put me beyond your reach

Header image via Pinterest


I’m angry and I’m wild
Spinning round and round in circles

It’s the moon, it’s the sun
And it’s everything in between

I’m running and I’m fleeing
But I haven’t moved an inch

It’s the minutes, it’s the hours
As I’m losing precious time

And I’m struggling, I’m flailing
But the shackles hold my feet

Above me circling, circling
The vast expanse of stars

It makes me weary, makes me tired
And I’ve never felt so small

By Meg Sorick, March 15, 2017 (Header Image: Circles in a Circle – Vasily Kandinsky, 1923)


This is an ongoing fantasy of mine. I went so far as to buy a book that teaches you how to disappear. From last spring…

I want to be anonymous
I want to run away
Find a way to fake my death
Collect on the insurance policy

Travel somewhere sunny and warm
Where no one knows my name
Change my face, change my form
Ditch my regrets and shame

And sip a cold Dos Equis
On some pristine sandy beach
Cause my life is kinda empty
When you’re so far out of reach