This Boot’s Not Made For Walking…

It’s four weeks today since I fell and broke the ankle. It feels like four months. I am absolutely hating all the sitting around. For the first two weeks, I had to keep the leg elevated all the time which really kept me stuck in the chair. After the first two weeks, I had the cast off and the stitches out, now the leg is in a boot. At least with the boot, I can take it off to wash and give the leg a little massage. Sleeping in the bulky boot is a challenge, though. The ankle doesn’t hurt anymore and I don’t have to keep it elevated, but I can’t put weight on it, yet. I’ve been doing exercises on the floor so I don’t get too out of shape. I’m used to walking/jogging 3-4 miles a day. I will say this… I’m definitely going to have more upper body strength when this is all through!

I have, however, been making good use of my time. I’m doing some copy editing for another writer and I have started [restarted] working on my WWI novel. I’ve got a series of sketches planned, two of which are completed and one which is in progress. And of course I am reading plenty of interesting research material.

I guess if you try to look on the bright side, this injury happened in January when the weather is miserable and the days are short. By spring time, I should be healed up enough to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and milder temperatures. Well, maybe not sunshine so much… it does rain all the darn time over here. Nonetheless, I have two weeks to go till my next follow up appointment and I’m hoping for a good report. In the meantime, I’m getting around the best I can:

41 thoughts on “This Boot’s Not Made For Walking…

  1. Oh my gawsh! I hadn’t realized you had done this! Of course, I’ve been highly sporadic on WP lately, but it brings back flashbacks when I busted my ankle.
    At least you’re keeping everything positive. That’s a good thing.
    I hope the healing and recovery go well!

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  2. I’m so behind! I’m sorry you hurt your ankle, Meg! I hope it heals well and you get back on both feet soon. A walk outdoors clears so many things! I’m happy to see you were able to venture out to something besides a doc appointment.

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  3. Nothing nice about broken ankles. It takes time, but it gets better.
    I had all bones broken in an accident; from ankles to shoulder blades, including femur head and the right leg was practically torn off. It took about 2 years and 9 surgeries, some of them very long, but it heals over time.
    I like what you’re saying that you have made adjustments to your plans and how you are filling up days with useful things. Best wishes!

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  4. I saw the picture you posted just after you had the fall. Yikes. I tried to email you a couple of times. No reply. I’m just glad the Galway gal from Doylestown is getting better. Two sappy films you might want to see. The first is called Leap Year and P.S. I Love You. Great scenery in both films and I really like the name Declan.

    Guinness is the best kind of liquid pain killer.

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    1. Oh no! I swear I didn’t get them! Will check my spam file. I’m sorry Tom! I’d never not answer!

      We have a friend Declan. Some of the Irish names are a challenge, though. So manny vowels, so few consonants!


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