Sunday Sketch – Wine and Cheese

It was time to paint the kitchen. I changed the color from a sage green to a cheerful blue. It kind of looks ‘beachy’ now. With that in mind, some of the artwork no longer looks good against the color. I have a small blank space that I want to try and fill with a piece of my own art. So what goes well in the kitchen? A still life. Let’s see if I can pull off painting something like this preliminary sketch. Or maybe that’s too cliche…. Hmmm.

Sunday Sketch – Amelie

A sketch of the lovely Audrey Tautou who plays Amelie in the film of the same name. If you haven’t seen the film, you may be wondering about the spoon – Amelie loves to crack the burnt sugar on the surface of creme brûlée. Had a lot of trouble with the right eye. Gave up and called it done after a lot of erasures!