Robert Graves – Sketch (3) 2020

The poet/author Robert Graves has been featured here previously. I wrote about his experiences during the Great War and his inclusion in the memorial to the War Poets in Westminster Abbey. As well as being a fascinating character and a wonderful writer, he also has an excellent face: strong chin, full mouth, penetrating gaze, good bones… and so this week I chose to draw the young poet: Robert Graves.


And the photo I used for reference:


32 thoughts on “Robert Graves – Sketch (3) 2020

  1. Hi there Meg. Tom here. I just wanted to say hello and that you did a really good job with this one. Sometimes a frequently seen face can be the hardest to do. Wasn’t he the guy who wrote: “In Flanders Fields”? Kick any cans other imaginary ones?

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    1. Hi Tom, thank you! John McCrae wrote In Flanders Fields. You might know Graves from I, Claudius or Goodbye To All That. Graves was a joy to draw and not at all easy! The mouth especially!


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