Marie Curie – Sketch (1) 2020

I recently listened to an audio production of the play: The Half Life of Marie Curie, one of the free listens you get every month with your Audible subscription. [By the way,] Huge fan. I definitely get my money’s worth from my subscription. The play was marvelous and I learned a few things about the famous scientist that I did not know. She had a scandalous affair with another scientist after her husband Pierre died. She carried a vial of radium in her pocket after its discovery and ultimately it led to her death from cancer. In fact, Mme. Curie’s notebooks are so radioactive that at the Bibliotheque Nationale where they reside, they must be stored in lead boxes. To view them, you must wear protective clothing. Besides winning not one but two Nobel Prizes: one in physics, the other in chemistry, she also invented a portable x-ray machine for use by doctors close to the Western Front during World War One. The x-ray machine was fitted into an ambulance and could move with the field hospitals as needed. She also volunteered during the war as an ambulance driver, doing her part for her adopted country, France. Here is my first sketch of 2020:

Madame Marie Curie

Drawing Adventurously 2019 (24)

As an only child, of an only child and another parent with one sibling who had no children of his own, I have a very small family (not counting my husband’s side of the family) and all but one of them has passed away. All that’s left in my branch of the family tree are my mother and me. So obviously I drew my mom. She came of age in the mid century with all it’s glamour and fashion, so I poured over my photos till I found this beauty and based my drawing on it:

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 52: My Choice

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

My how the year has flown by. I hope you have enjoyed my drawing adventure. I attempted this challenge in order to stretch my drawing skills and force myself to practice each week. The benefits have been that I drew some subject matter that I probably wouldn’t have attempted if it weren’t for the prompt each week. On the other hand, I feel like I rushed through some of these drawings instead of taking my time and really “seeing” the subject of my piece. That is not a good method for improving. Going forward I think I will attempt fewer drawings but spend more time on each one. For my final drawing, my choice is to share with you the piece I am most proud of. Though I didn’t draw it this year, it is my best work. I say goodbye to 2018 with a portrait of my favorite poet: W.B. Yeats.