The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 52: My Choice

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

My how the year has flown by. I hope you have enjoyed my drawing adventure. I attempted this challenge in order to stretch my drawing skills and force myself to practice each week. The benefits have been that I drew some subject matter that I probably wouldn’t have attempted if it weren’t for the prompt each week. On the other hand, I feel like I rushed through some of these drawings instead of taking my time and really “seeing” the subject of my piece. That is not a good method for improving. Going forward I think I will attempt fewer drawings but spend more time on each one. For my final drawing, my choice is to share with you the piece I am most proud of. Though I didn’t draw it this year, it is my best work. I say goodbye to 2018 with a portrait of my favorite poet: W.B. Yeats.

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 51: Selfie

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

Wow, I can’t believe the year has almost gone. These final two themes are the same as the first two: a self portrait and a subject of your own choice. Presumably, the idea is to see how well you improved over the course of the year. And maybe to see if you look a little different from the way you did as the year began. The biggest difference in my appearance is that I cut my hair shorter this summer. I copied the photo I used on my Welcome Page. But I’ll leave it to you to decide whether my skills have improved in 50 weeks. Here is my self portrait:

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 45: Friend

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

Choosing one of your friends to draw is a formidable task. I have some very lovely girlfriends but there is the risk of not doing their pretty faces justice. My husband actually suggested I draw the cat again just to be on the safe side. Boring! So I decided to draw my friend Trish, who I have been friends with the longest. Trish is also my hair stylist and theater going pal. And if any of you who have followed me from the beginning might recall, it was my hair stylist who first suggested that I try writing a book. That was Trish! So here she is, my friend:

And the photo I used for inspiration: