Painting (18) The Wild Atlantic Way

I’ve been wanting to experiment with monochrome painting using ‘black’ made by mixing other colors together. One combination is to use Phthalo blue, burnt umber and cadmium red in fairly equal parts. I expected to get a purplish ‘black’ but ended up with a deep blue-green ‘black’ instead. My plan was to paint “Passchendaele” – the sea of mud, the burned tree stumps and the water filled shell holes. But this color just had ‘ocean’ written all over it. I’ll have to try again for that purplish ‘black’. Meanwhile, here is my stormy sea painting; I’d like to imagine it’s just off the West Coast of Ireland:

The Year of Drawing Adventurously – Week 11: Favorite Place

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

For those of you who know me, this will not be a surprise. I have multiple drawings for this week because I’ve been drawing Ireland for more than a year. I did do one new sketch for the week so as not to cheat on the challenge but the rest are from the last three trips made over the past 18 months. They are; The docks on Galway Bay, Polnabroun Neolithic portal tomb in The Burren, Rockfleet: Grace O’Malley’s castle, and finally the Skellig Islands off the coast of Kerry.