Sunday Sketch – Wine and Cheese

It was time to paint the kitchen. I changed the color from a sage green to a cheerful blue. It kind of looks ‘beachy’ now. With that in mind, some of the artwork no longer looks good against the color. I have a small blank space that I want to try and fill with a piece of my own art. So what goes well in the kitchen? A still life. Let’s see if I can pull off painting something like this preliminary sketch. Or maybe that’s too cliche…. Hmmm.

Painting (4) Autumn In My Mind

Here in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, the fall foliage was a huge disappointment. The leaves which normally display a lovely variety of warm and brilliant hues, went from green to dried brown before falling off the trees. This painting is my way of making up for it. Thanks to my photographer friend, sonofabeach96 for the inspiration with this photo of his Kentucky farm: