Yeah, yeah, I know. Like I need another, another hobby. I feel like it’s the natural progression from sketching however. I haven’t been sharing much art here, but I have been working away at it continuously over the last several months. The last thing I posted on the blog was a sketch of a poppy in a field. Here is the acrylic painting of that sketch. Given my work in progress is a story about the First World War, I think this is a good first painting to share.

Photography (like I need another hobby)

As you might recall, (even though it’s been a while since I posted anything) I’ve been trying my hand at art in the form aof pencil drawing and charcoal sketching. As I started, I found out how much better my sketches came out when I copied a photograph rather than just coming up with something out of my head. Of course, the logical outcome of that kind of thing is that I need good photographs to copy, which means either swiping images from the internet or finding interesting subject matter to photograph on my own. Which then means getting a good camera. Way to make a short story long, Sorick… Bottom line: I bought a Sony ICLE 6000 interchangeable lens camera. Here are some of my practice photos: