Wordless Wednesday – Metal Art

Photo my own – Manayunk Arts Festival June 2016

37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Metal Art

      1. Oh, I’d have to go look up his name. I went to a small Catholic college in Northeastern Pennsylvania: Kings College. Took the class in 1986, and now I’ve given away my age! 😜 And we read parts but not all in Spanish.

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      2. Don’t worry, Meg. I am a Maths illiterate, numeracy deficient, artsy. I’d love to know what parts you read (those that you skipped are less important). A new “modernized” edition has just been published in Spain: the Spanish is now considered too difficult for most Spaniards. Oh dear: I suppose we’ll have the “plain” Shakespeare soon. He is being taught less and less in the UK.


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