The lady fled on gallant steed
Escaped the castle and its keep

To the river, forged the shallows
Ran the horse, through fields now fallow

Fearing the worst, she rode all night
Slept in saddle during the flight

The craggy mountains gave no shelter
The burning sun by day did swelter

Pursued by hounds, as though from hell
They caught her scent, upon her fell

If it were not for her brave warrior
They’d have sampled the lady’s flavor

But to Highland refuge she was spirited
The clan’s protection she had merited

As her distant cousin, she had sought
A haven from her future lot

Forced to marryΒ for a treaty sworn
The lady’s fate was foreordained

But to her lover’s arms, she ran
He, the noble chief of the clan

In swelling womb his babe was carried
And he, the lady swore to marry

47 thoughts on “Refuge

      1. I’ll interject: we make fish. Sounds odd but not sure how else to describe it. We use a 1×12, my wife sketches whatever shap fish we choose, I cut it out, she paints it, then I flatten bottle caps from beers or sodas and attach them like scales. Doc ordered one a bit ago and requested another for a friend. One that I need o get done by the way. You’d have to ask her what she thinks of it, though she seemed to like it. πŸ˜ƒ

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  1. Great write — you managed to wrap a whole story into this poem. I see “fairy tale” is in the tags. Is this based on a particular fairy tale?

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