Jeff Phillips: McCluskys Must Move Again

I’ve been following this fantastic group of Chicago writers for a while. This terrifying piece of short fiction is off-the-chart good! I hope you all enjoy!

Drinkers with Writing Problems

stalkerThe McCluskys had to move again. Despite a two year reprieve, they received another letter. The handwriting was too similar, and the tone was too spot on for it not to be a step closer to the fulfillment of something unwelcome.

Dear McClusky Man, Wife, and Two Little Girls,

It is so delightful seeing you sitting at the kitchen table. I like when Man McClusky is chowing down, still in his work clothes. Sure, the sleeves are rolled up and the tie is ditched, but it looks like he’s about to head back to the office for bit. And that means it’s just a few petite ladies in the house without a tall, slightly muscular man to protect them from a reluctant villain like me who’s just a wee bit tired from suppressing an assortment of urges. The oldest daughter has great legs, and if you keep letting her wear…

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