Shameless self promotion No. 1

In case you were curious about my books but too lazy to visit The Bucks County Novels page on my blog, I’ll make it easy for you. Three Empty Frames is the first novel in the series, set in Doylestown, the seat of Bucks County and about twenty minutes from my home in West Rockhill. Here is a synopsis of the story:

Three Empty Frames_02_HR_front_2Life just got complicated for Jennifer Dunne. Her dead mother’s diary has revealed clues to a famous art heist from the 1960s. Have the missing masterpieces been hidden among her things all this time? Jen is targeted by a pair of ruthless criminals who certainly think so. Meanwhile, she’s falling in love with her new lawyer, who works with her to unravel the clues. But will the fledgling relationship survive when another handsome rival appears on the scene? And have the clues to the whereabouts of the missing masterpieces led them astray? Were the paintings hidden in plain sight all along?

Available on Amazon.  Find it here!

Featured Image -- 19436And visit my Amazon Author Page to check out the other titles.


22 thoughts on “Shameless self promotion No. 1

  1. Ditto! I’ve been an avid reader all my life, but I took a very long break that lasted almost 2 years! I’ve been reading like crazy since the start of the summer, and I’ll add your books to the collection. 💜

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  2. Will the new book have Maya and her beau ? If so I want a copy too. Not only do I want a good story, but I want to study how **you** write. Better still I should order two copies two copies from Amazon. One to read, the other to mark up (underline passages, notes in the margin, etc).

    My wife’s going to think I’ve flipped. Any time I see her reading a romance novel from anyone, be it Nora Roberts or Debbie Macomber, I say “Oh god, she’s reading SLOP ! again”. I think I’m going to get grief, acres of it. Are you into free advance copies in exchange for a review ?


    1. This story starts the series… the first of four in print, with the story of Maya and Brad coming later. They aren’t in this book at all. I introduce Maya in book four: Tainted Inheritance. The novel that revolves around their relationship is the one I’m hoping to get out before the end of the year.

      Fortunately, I’ve had plenty of positive feedback from male readers as well as female. I try to make the novels good stories with romance as the subplot. Three Empty Frames is more of an unraveling of clues than anything.

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  3. These all sound great (read your next post first but didn’t see a comment section). I used to work in Philadelphia so know and love the area. I just don’t have spare time to read – and I was a book worm in my younger years. I do find time to read when I am recovering from surgery or am really sick and can’t get out and about….which has only happened twice in four years…..but I’ll keep these in mind next go round!
    ps…that’s why you don’t see me on the ‘net too much….just enough to keep things current.

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    1. Thanks, Debbie! I am happy you haven’t had to recover from surgery or illness too often! 😅 Maybe if we have a snowy winter … Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! 🙏🏻

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      1. We are having a freezing winter here in Fredericksburg, Virginia….but we have to keep going outside…..We’re getting winterized. This has been an unusually cold November – December here. How is it up there? It’s usually mild here and March is the worst month.

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      2. The cold took a long time coming, stayed in the 50’s till about a week ago and then it changed dramatically. It’s in the teens and twenties with a little snow on the ground. I’m grateful for the wood stove! Fredericksburg – saw the signs for it when we drove through to Tennessee last spring!

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