Assembling a collection

It’s been five years since I started putting together the ideas for my first book. That book became a series of five. I haven’t completely ruled out the idea of continuing the series, but for now I want to concentrate on other projects, including my long delayed historical fiction set partly during World War One. [Does that sound familiar? This time I mean it!]

Besides novel writing, over the years, I’ve written a number of short stories. I’m at the point where I think I have enough for a collection. Although, there are no hard and fast rules anymore –you can publish works of any length through Amazon– 40,000 words seems to be the magic number for a collection of short stories. With that in mind, I plan on revisiting my older stories with an eye for revision and expansion. As I work them out, I will likely post them here, so for those of you who’ve been following for a while, some of them might sound familiar.

If the short stories come together, I might do the same thing with my poetry. Since the poems, by nature, are much shorter and the volume would be slim, I thought about pairing them with my own illustrations, photos or other artwork. The idea for these projects arose from the ‘housecleaning’ I’m doing for the move: organizing things to keep and things to discard. The same can be applied to my writing: some of it is ready to go with just a little cleaning up, some of it needs major repairs, and some of it can be trashed. [Not really trashed… I keep everything, even if it’s just to spark a new idea. But you know what I mean]. With polishing, I hope these pieces will shine with new life.

In the coming weeks, my offline world is about to get a little crazy, so I hope you will enjoy these older stories and posts. Interspersed of course, with my adventures in Ireland as I look for a new home.

23 thoughts on “Assembling a collection

    1. I’m doing the same thing… can’t take it all with me, just some books and personal items. All the furniture and appliances have to stay behind. But at the same time it’s kind of freeing? Wishing you the best of luck with your move, Dee!


  1. Sounds wonderful and exciting I agree. I too am moving. Found this lovely little apartment and though I’m a little beyond the age most young people move out on their own. 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, I would’ve never dreamed this possible I was so sick. That I’ve healed his much makes me happy. I’m thrilled to have my own life and to be able to work part time and support myself, have an full life, despite the challenges. I imagine going off from a stable medical career into writing is a bit like that, taking this giant leap into the unknown, but feeling like you can handle it despite the challenges now. Congrats again and hope you find the perfect place 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Mandi and congratulations to you, too! That is a wonderful accomplishment and I wish you the very best of luck! And yes I’m as stressed as I am excited. I know it’s going to be a fantastic adventure though. If I survive the move! Lol!

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    1. Ah that’s lovely! We’ll be in Galway so we’re concentrating our efforts there, but I know we’ll be exploring all over the country. I will definitely pay Athlumney Manor a visit. Thanks much for the recommendation!


    1. Hahaha! Well, planning and accomplishing are two different things! I guess I am pretty organized though. I have everything that I possibly can pack packed and I’ve disposed of nearly everything I’m not taking. Just need to find a new place to live and finalize the sale of the house over here. Anyway, thanks so much Peter!

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