Where to begin… (again)

Wow, it has really been a while. Like since September of 2020.

I have been at a creative loss all these long months. Other than a few paintings, I have found myself unable to produce anything else. I will blame lockdown, yes absolutely. I know some people have used this time to enable them to embark on new hobbies, new projects and educating themselves in avenues of exploration they never had time for previously. Not so me. The long months of lockdown — Ireland is just opening up now— have kept the ideas from forming. And yes, there were ideas, but ones I could never seem to bring to completion. And I hate trying to write something for which I know not the conclusion. So they stayed in the imagination or maybe with a note or two jotted in my trusty notebook.

I haven’t even had the motivation to add posts to my blog. Even that much writing felt too overwhelming. I have probably lost many of my old friends as I never kept up with reading here either. That makes me sad. I have no one to blame but myself. Still, I am a writer. That is what I tell people I do. But what is a not writing writer? A monster courting insanity so says Kafka.

I still don’t have any ideas fully formed to conclusion, but I need to get started somehow, somewhere. And that place is here. So in the coming days I will begin again. Maybe with some stories of life here in Ireland. I won’t bore you with the dreary months of lockdown —everyone is sick to death of talking about the pandemic. But I will try and give you a glimpse of life on this island with all its charm and eccentricities. I hope you will like it and I hope it gets me back on track. The possibility of writing something, anything might be the spark this monster courting insanity needs to keep the craziness at bay.

Oh and if you wonder how I spent this time? Reading, podcasts and more reading. A true gem of a discovery has been the Irish History Podcast produced and narrated by Fin Dwyer. I have learned so much about my adopted country this way. If you have interest in Ireland and its history both ancient and modern, I heartily recommend you check out the link to the podcast.

Until next time, cheers and best wishes.

31 thoughts on “Where to begin… (again)

    1. Thanks Peter! Yes I suppose I did. There is certainly plenty to see and do here. And finally we can get back out to do some things. I’m making a list!

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  1. I’m glad you’re back! (Thankfully, I just get an email when you post!)

    I felt the same way when we locked down. It wasn’t until I went back to work that I was able to get those creative juices flowing again. It was frustrating to feel like I “wasted” that time, but…I survived. And that’s all that matters.

    Welcome back. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! Lockdown here was extremely long. We had the strictest conditions in all of Europe. But spring has sprung and so have the ‘locks’ on our prisons so hoping to return to my old routine! Good to see you too!

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  2. Sounds like a great podcast, and time well spent really. Glad you’re back though. I’ve done a lot of dabbling in other writing, this weird year (and more)–some CNF, book reviews. I mean, when you’re doing a ton of reading, might as well review. I don’t think of a year spent reading a year spent not writing–since reading well and with abandon is so necessary to the writing process!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca. Yes I’ve definitely read with abandon! Let’s hope it translates into some output of my own! Hope you’re well. Sounds like you have been busy!

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    1. I hope you’re feeling better both mentally and physically. This has been a real ordeal for us all. I can only hope we come out stronger on the other side. Best wishes to you and thank you!


  3. So glad to see you back, Meg! I was just thinking of you the other day and your Centralia story. Glad you are well and learning about your new home country. I think we’re all just plodding along trying to find new footing in our forever-altered world. I see you have posted some new art, too! Wish I could say I’ve done the same.

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      1. Oh that’s great! Ireland has been a little slow with the rollout, but mostly because of supply issues. I just got my first dose yesterday. But things are looking up!

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  4. Hi, Meg, very late seeing this but glad you are trying to write again! My life is change — which I do so hate — so I’m kind of busy trying to settle in, etc. New car, new house, new dog, new job for my son so I’m driving him…. But we will get there eventually

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