Lockdown Paintings (38, 39, 40 & 41)

Ireland has given me lovely scenes to paint. I’ve had to rely on photos since we’ve been under a 5km [3 mile] limit on travel since December. But now we are free to move about so I hope to get to see more of my adopted country this summer. Here are some of my latest pieces —the only creative things I’ve indulged in during the last few months.

The Cliffs of Moher in miniature
The Long Walk, Galway

12 thoughts on “Lockdown Paintings (38, 39, 40 & 41)

    1. Slow, very slow. Like stagnant. Ireland’s lockdown has been one of the longest and severest in all of Europe. We aren’t going to know how to act now that things are opening up!

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      1. Survived!!

        Also taken up acrylic as a painting medium since we last spoke, enjoying the differences to the watercolours.

        Looking forward to when it’s safe to emerge from our lockdown hibernation 🙂

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      2. Survived! Yes, that about sums it up. Things are slowly reopening here. I bought watercolors over the winter but I have yet to experiment with them. I don’t know why I’m intimidated by them!

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