Painting (36) Wildflower Garden

The last several months have been so difficult. Besides the isolation of lockdown, the six weeks leading up to that I was cooped up recovering from a broken ankle. Just when I was getting back on my feet, the pandemic hit. All together my imprisonment at home has lasted since January 14th. Granted, the restrictions are easing considerably but still… Now this would have been the perfect time to get involved in a lengthy project like the novel I’m working on but my productivity has been atrocious. In all this time I have written one page. On the other hand, the one thing I have done is paint. Painting feels like therapy to me and while my skills are still rudimentary, the process has been very enjoyable. Here is one of my latest pieces. Something cheerful, bright and full of color. A Wildflower Garden.

37 thoughts on “Painting (36) Wildflower Garden

    1. Ah, no kidding? I wish I could do a little of both. Not saying all the paintings I’ve done are all that great, though… 🤨 I’m doing a whole lot of staring at the blank screen. I really need to find a way to concentrate!

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    1. I know! I’ve hardly been here at all. I’m having a tough time writing. Even blog posts. I’ve been reading like a maniac though… I guess that’s good. Anyway, we’re good here. Scooter is history and I’ve just started jogging again. Hope y’all are well too! 😃

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      1. Yeah, no traveling for us any time soon. At least out of the country. Super disappointing. But I’m not a virus denier either so we’ll make do with an excursion to another part of the country and hope to travel elsewhere next year! Y’all stay safe too! 😃

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  1. Love your uplifting painting Meg. Glad you’re hanging in there. In Scotland I’m expected to continue shielding till end July which is a tough call when a person lives alone. I’m finding it hard to concentrate and other creative friends say the same. We must hope for better times. Take care. x

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    1. Thanks Nikita. Oh that is a tough situation. I hope you’re doing ok… Isn’t it weird that being forced into ‘free’ time doesn’t necessarily translate into increased productivity? Maybe it’s partly because of the ‘pressure’ that puts on us. Not to mention constant low level dread! Sending best wishes!

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  2. I love it, Meg! It really is quite cheerful. I hope your healing is going well. I’m in quite the same situation with my knee replacement. Unexpected events can derail the creative spirit somewhat. Clearly it’s still there for you when you choose to avail yourself of it.

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    1. Thanks Eilene! Well it’s not the writing I hoped to do but it is still creative. And it really is sort of soothing. Hope your recovery is going well. My physical therapy got interrupted due to the lockdown but fortunately I kinda knew what to do anyway!

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      1. I got a bit sick of PT exercises after 5 months, but I have plenty of physical activity aside from that, so it’s doing okay. Are you getting some nice summer weather in Ireland?

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      2. About two weeks ago we had some glorious weather – warm and sunny. And now it’s gone! I’m in jeans and a sweater and need a jacket to go outside! Hopefully the summer returns soon!

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  3. This is really lovely. Very vivid and vibrant colors! Glad your grandmother will not be able to see and find fault with it ( was just reading your earlier post of 2018 relating your dream) though have to admit that she was a very good painter. But no one has the right to hurt others by their criticism, however true they might be. Your aunt Esther was a victim, thankfully you are not. Keep painting, we love it!

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    1. Thank you Prema. Yes I’m sure Nana would find fault, that was Justin her way. But I’m finding a lot of joy in painting so I’m not so worried about the result as much as the process. And as I learn I will improve! Hopefully! Hope you’re keeping well!


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