J is for Janis Joplin #atozchallenge

The lady sang through hurt and pain
Broke our hearts with her sad refrain
The angst-ridden girl
Who became known as Pearl
Had her shooting star go up in flames

I have always loved Janis.  The way she poured her whole soul into her singing.  I hope you will get a kick out of this…  The following track is me singing Janis’ song ‘Mercedes Benz’. I chose it because she sang it a cappella and that made it easier to replicate.  Don’t laugh too hard;  I poured my own soul into it!  (Actually, if you laugh, it’s fine. Trust me, I do not take myself that seriously!)

47 thoughts on “J is for Janis Joplin #atozchallenge

      1. Ha! I suppose so! Well, now that I’ve broken the ice and everyone’s had a good laugh, maybe I’ll try something else. My friend Morgan offered to help me put music to the lyrics I wrote for one of my stories. I could sing that if it ever happens.

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    1. The worst part is having no music backing you up. You can’t hide your voice anywhere! 😦 At least Janis was more of a soulful singer… The emotion was more important than the quality of her voice.

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  1. I did not laugh. I applauded actually. You should hear me sing…you will be tempted to call an exorcist. :-). Now off to do some research on this artist.

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  2. Here am I, catching up on all your A to Z challenge entries when I come across a new singer I’ve never heard before. I am in awe, can I say more? Voice is sublime, much better than mine!

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