The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 8: Your Name

Following the chart to 52 weeks of drawings this year.

My first thought was to do a piece of graffiti art for this week’s prompt, drawing Meg in big, blocked letters and adding some embellishments to it. But then I had another idea: to draw the subject of the meaning of my name. Meg is short for Margaret, which is derived from the Greek Margarites, which is from the noun margaron which means ‘pearl‘. And so I give you a pearl, still in its shell:

J is for Janis Joplin #atozchallenge

The lady sang through hurt and pain
Broke our hearts with her sad refrain
The angst-ridden girl
Who became known as Pearl
Had her shooting star go up in flames

I have always loved Janis.  The way she poured her whole soul into her singing.  I hope you will get a kick out of this…  The following track is me singing Janis’ song ‘Mercedes Benz’. I chose it because she sang it a cappella and that made it easier to replicate.  Don’t laugh too hard;  I poured my own soul into it!  (Actually, if you laugh, it’s fine. Trust me, I do not take myself that seriously!)