Painting (23) Climate Change

As you can see, this is not a high quality canvas. I misread the description when I ordered them on line. Oops! This is a canvas board, not a stretched canvas and you can see the texture through the paint. An underpainting would have helped I think. Anyway, it actually looks less obvious in person, but I do plan to try again. I started out with the idea of painting a misty sunrise and after getting the sky finished changed my mind to paint this stark landscape. Then the title came to me…


Painting (22) Abstraction distraction

My life feels like chaos at the moment and I find myself unable to concentrate on anything longer than a short story or a poem. The other day I began a painting that was supposed to be a landscape and I botched it. In a fit of frustration, I covered the ruined canvas with black paint and started grabbing colors at random and dabbing them on. This is the result. I kinda like it –it looks like my mind feels right now.

“We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” – Bob Ross

Painting (21) Baobab Tree at Dusk

No new fiction today. My week has been filled with realtors, township supervisors, paperwork and heartburn. I cannot write under the kind of stress I was under this week. However, drawing and painting always soothes my troubled soul, so I escaped to my subterranean lair and picked up my brushes.

This painting is inspired by a photograph of a baobab tree in Zimabwe, taken with long exposure just as the stars were coming out at night.