Painting (22) Abstraction distraction

My life feels like chaos at the moment and I find myself unable to concentrate on anything longer than a short story or a poem. The other day I began a painting that was supposed to be a landscape and I botched it. In a fit of frustration, I covered the ruined canvas with black paint and started grabbing colors at random and dabbing them on. This is the result. I kinda like it –it looks like my mind feels right now.

“We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” – Bob Ross

Painting (21) Baobab Tree at Dusk

No new fiction today. My week has been filled with realtors, township supervisors, paperwork and heartburn. I cannot write under the kind of stress I was under this week. However, drawing and painting always soothes my troubled soul, so I escaped to my subterranean lair and picked up my brushes.

This painting is inspired by a photograph of a baobab tree in Zimabwe, taken with long exposure just as the stars were coming out at night.