Painting (35) Coffee Time

In learning to paint, you quickly find those subjects that are easier for you and thus, you can fall into the habit of painting those same things over and over again. For me, forests and oceans are my go-to themes. But in the spirit of stretching out, I decided to try a still life for a change. I’ve drawn still life scenes and tried one with the Apple Pencil and Procreate but this is my first try on canvas. Here is my still life: Coffee Time.

41 thoughts on “Painting (35) Coffee Time

      1. You’re welcome! Shadowing in drawing is a mystery to me. In college I took a drawing class, and in the first class we were asked to draw 3 white balls illuminated under a bright light. I dropped the class. Lol. I can’t do it but I admire other’s works.

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      2. If the first class was that difficult, I couldn’t hack the rest of the term. But now I wonder what I would’ve learned if I kept at it.
        Shadowing is a challenge too. I wonder how people add those shades just in the right places; it makes a great difference.

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