Drawing Adventurously 2019 (10)

I’ve packed up all my art supplies save for one large and one small sketchbook. Even with these left to use, I decided to try another piece using Procreate and the iPad. There is definitely a learning curve but I’m enjoying the process. The program has some really cool features to explore too. I used the ‘clouds’ effect for the backdrop of my drawing this week. Here is my hummingbird –one of the most delightful creatures on this little patch of Bucks County.

28 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously 2019 (10)

      1. Yes, we’re down to the final two weeks. Pretty much losing my mind! Got my mom moved to her new senior apartment and now concentrating on packing up all our stuff. Our shipping crate should get here this week and we’ll be down to just the essentials we’re taking with us on the plane. We’re in good shape but still it’s really anxiety inducing! 😳😬😜

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      2. Yes I’m sure there will be some glitches! Right now the hardest part is trying to see as many of our friends as possible to say goodbye! It’s very emotional!

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    1. Yes, I have the Apple Pencil- it acts like a stylus but you can choose the kinds of results you want. Like a paintbrush or a pen or a pencil and all different types of those. It’s really cool and a lot of fun!

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  1. Wow that’s beautiful Meg! Colors and background really make ìt look real. Obviously you are enjoying your new experience with Procreate. Enjoy! And pray to Ganesha for your safe transit to Ireland without any glitches. He is the remover of all obstacles .

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  2. Amazing! I love your style! Hey, Check Out Fergie’s Emporium if you want to see what I create! I mean, you don’t have to, but… maybe?

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