On a beautiful day, I am blue
Not like the cloudless, cerulean sky
Where the bright, mocking sun
Unfavorably compares my mood
To her brilliance, warmth and cheer

This blue is the slate
Of the storm-tossed ocean
Heavy seas, deep and dark
Full of sunken ships
And drowned sailors

The dangerous blue
Of exposure
Of lips curled over chattering teeth
Shivering in the cold
Killing frost of November

The kind of blue
That manifests itself as anger
Only because the rage
Feels just a little better
Than the weakness of sorrow

But its a blue that passes quickly
When I raise my head with purpose
It runs away like water
Dribbling through my fingers
And drying in the breeze

Header Image: IKB 79 ~ Yves Klein, 1959


The sky opens, bestowing on the parched earth, rain
With eyes toward heaven, stretch arms wide and spin
Quenching such a desperate thirst for happiness
But the splashing becomes a stirring up of dust
When the water evaporates
Beneath the heat of his disdain
The dragnet drags through the ash
And frisson dissolves
In a whirlpool of despair
Those highs are so heavenly
But the lows are positively subterranean
Go ahead give me a little shove
I’m already on the precipice
I did the math:
Seven seconds of absolute euphoria
Then nothing
There’s no Wonderland
At the bottom of the hole

Extreme irritation…

On Friday, I told you all how my comments were going to spam. Now, apparently at least in one place they aren’t even making an appearance there. As was recommended, I tried to contact Askimet to alert them of this problem, but they are “out of the office” until September 22! I’m sure you can imagine how incredibly frustrated I am.

Take that Askimet:

 So know this: I have tried, and will continue to try to comment on your posts. Please continue to check your spam and/or pending folders for my comments and set them loose if you find them. I am hoping that the “disappeared” comments that haven’t even made it to spam are just lagging in time somewhere. AND, AND if anyone has any suggestions as to a solution, I’d love your help.

Sorry and thank you all at once!