The Power of Negative Thinking

I woke this morning to howling winds. It’s dark and raining –perfect for staying in bed or for curling up with tea and a book. Or for writing. Usually this kind of weather lends itself to concentration and immersion in whatever project I’m working on. Recently, I’ve been struggling to write. It’s happened before but never for this long. I really haven’t put new ideas down on paper since before the holidays.

I’ve alluded to the stress I’m experiencing in my personal life –let’s just say that it is ongoing– and it’s had a dramatic impact on my ability to write. This too, is a new phenomenon. My best writing usually comes from that dark space inside. But this is different. And perhaps it has to do with the subject matter I’ve been working on. Without realizing it, I’ve given Maya –my main character– the same ‘kinds’ of issues that are troubling me as well. And maybe striking so close to home has stayed my hand. Because I can’t see the way forward personally, I can’t see the way forward fictionally.

However, the whole thing is tied up in a bundle together. If I can’t get the writing back on track, it will compound the rest of the stress I’m feeling. I have to act. If life would just imitate art, I could write myself a solution for my real problems and my fictional ones.

Extreme irritation…

On Friday, I told you all how my comments were going to spam. Now, apparently at least in one place they aren’t even making an appearance there. As was recommended, I tried to contact Askimet to alert them of this problem, but they are “out of the office” until September 22! I’m sure you can imagine how incredibly frustrated I am.

Take that Askimet:

 So know this: I have tried, and will continue to try to comment on your posts. Please continue to check your spam and/or pending folders for my comments and set them loose if you find them. I am hoping that the “disappeared” comments that haven’t even made it to spam are just lagging in time somewhere. AND, AND if anyone has any suggestions as to a solution, I’d love your help.

Sorry and thank you all at once!