Spam, spam, spam…

Once again, my comments might possibly be landing in your spam folders. Sandra found me in hers. Ah, so frustrating…

Have a happy Friday, darlings! 

50 thoughts on “Spam, spam, spam…

      1. It’s 5 o”clock somewhere? I still have a ways to go. I can’t meet with my new ops manager with wine breath……? No, that would be bad, like my cholesterol.

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      1. All right stupid question… Askimet is automatic with WP, so when I go onto askimet and log in with my WP acct it tries to get me to sign up for service? Then apparently 😑😑😑 no one is minding the store between sept 23-22 and they encourage you to seek help in their forum? I cannot tell you how angry I am. I can’t even find an email for them. One blog isn’t even finding my comments in spam, they’re just gone…

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    1. It’s not everywhere but it’s a lot. I can’t believe they’re all out of the office till Thursday. That’s crazy! They have to have more than just me waiting on them. Seriously…


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