Revisiting Book One: cover option

I’ve been playing around with a new cover option for Three Empty Frames, book one in my series.  The current cover was designed with Create Space’s online cover creator and one of their standard templates.  Well, you heard what happened with that!  Here’s what the cover looks like now:


As you can probably tell, this isn’t a high-resolution image, which is part of the problem.  If I want to take the cover with me to Smashwords, opening up the options of publishing the book on Nook, iBooks, etc. the image quality has to be better. So I’d love to hear what you think of this option instead:


42 thoughts on “Revisiting Book One: cover option

  1. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the second cover makes me want to read the book. Comparatively, the first one reminds me of a 1980s “Christian Self-Help” Book [SORRY!!]

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  2. I really like the new one. It actually reflects the first thought that came to my mind at seeing the title. The other option that I thought of was frames of a film reel – maybe five total with three blank.


  3. Definitely the 3 empty frames. I do think the font(s) could be better. I am a bit obsessed with fonts, so I usually scan through all 600+ of mine every time I create a graphic of any kind. Even 2 different fonts could look good for the title… more decorative for the word ’empty’ with something simpler for ‘three’ and ‘frames’ and then lay it out beautifully.

    Sorry… I start designing in my head all the time. (I made those ‘weekly perk’ coffee graphics over a month ago, yet just started posting that series!) I’m a weirdo.

    Oh, and the first one looks like the covers of a bunch of Nicholas Sparks books. Too boring! 🙂


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