Double Seduction

Fictional Kevin (of the Irish Rap Battle fame) and I have decided to collaborate on a novella. Since we are writing alternate chapters, I manipulated him into starting so I had the last word. Muah! I hope you enjoy it! Also, if anything happens to me during or shortly after this business, I guarantee you it was Kevin. Don’t buy that flimsy alibi for one minute.

Fictional Kevin

Double SeductionDr. Meg and I are writing a little novella we hope you will enjoy and keep you in suspense. I’m writing the first chapter, she will write and second and so on. We’ll post a chapter a week.  Anxious to hear your comments and feedback.

A disclaimer: If someone murders Meg during the writing of this piece it will not be me. That weekend I have an iron-clad alibi. – Kevin

Chapter 1 – Seduction

Victims had to be seduced.

David Twichell’s thoughts had been informed by that idea. If he were going to write compelling prey, they had to be seduced. Not to the bed, to the slaughter.

Like most aspiring writers in the 21st century, David had a blog. He used a pen name, of course, hiding his “real” identity. That’s where he met Mel.

Melody Rivers was a writer with a blog as well. Three books to her name, all…

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40 thoughts on “Double Seduction

  1. Amazing writing! I don’t believe I have ever read a piece more compelling, thought provoking, poignant. I would use the word “brilliant” but it doesn’t come close to the praise this deserves. I am simultanously captivated and terrified. Someone call Mr. Pulitzer. Truly Kevin is an American Treasure.

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      1. Well, I’ll have a supply ready for subsequent chapters then. I’m feeling a little better. Thanks for asking! You know, more funding needs to be poured into the study of Manflu. It’s a terrible affliction. 😀

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      2. I was thinking of doing that earlier. However, I think that maybe a more expedient way of shedding light on this topic is to inject this matter into the debates of both national parties. I’ll vote for whomever fixes me. 😀

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