Double Seduction

Fictional Kevin (of the Irish Rap Battle fame) and I have decided to collaborate on a novella. Since we are writing alternate chapters, I manipulated him into starting so I had the last word. Muah! I hope you enjoy it! Also, if anything happens to me during or shortly after this business, I guarantee you it was Kevin. Don’t buy that flimsy alibi for one minute.

40 thoughts on “Double Seduction

  1. Amazing writing! I don’t believe I have ever read a piece more compelling, thought provoking, poignant. I would use the word “brilliant” but it doesn’t come close to the praise this deserves. I am simultanously captivated and terrified. Someone call Mr. Pulitzer. Truly Kevin is an American Treasure.

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      1. Well, I’ll have a supply ready for subsequent chapters then. I’m feeling a little better. Thanks for asking! You know, more funding needs to be poured into the study of Manflu. It’s a terrible affliction. πŸ˜€

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      2. I was thinking of doing that earlier. However, I think that maybe a more expedient way of shedding light on this topic is to inject this matter into the debates of both national parties. I’ll vote for whomever fixes me. πŸ˜€

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