Feral – A limerick

Though beautiful she appears

Beneath lies pain and fear

Like a wounded animal

Terrified and feral

She won’t let you near

In response to Mind and Life Matters limerick challenge

32 thoughts on “Feral – A limerick

  1. You’re so good at writing limericks! When is your limerick book coming out? You could have a limerick journal. Each page would have one of your limericks at the top. The rest of the page would be blank. Then the limerick could be used as a writing prompt. In your “free” time of course! xo

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  2. This is great and more eloquent than the ones I created – which never got submiticated because I was busy with other shiz. Here they are for your listening pleasure:

    His friends thought it all kind of creepy
    How he studied death so completely
    As he cut off each head
    I am a writer, he said
    Their pain fed his stories weekly

    Writing limericks can be such a pain
    Every week competing again
    But each week I must try
    And my fingers must fly
    For my shot at limerick fame

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