Leaving the past behind

I wasn’t going to do a 2015 year in review post, but since my dear friend Arpita tagged me, I decided to give it a go.  I promise to keep it short.  It’s funny, I didn’t think that much had happened this year until I went back through the photos on my phone.

Yes, this was the year I completed and published two novels, but you’ve already heard that story.  I started taking my blog seriously and met a whole lot of really great people.  (This means you.)  Besides the novels, I’ve written a slew of short stories.  Now I have to think about what to do with them.  But you guys know all this if you’ve been following along since August-ish.  Instead, have a look at my personal 2015.

We only took one trip this year and that bums me out.  I love to travel and didn’t get to wander nearly enough in 2015.  The trip we did take was to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southern Virginia and while beautiful, was not particularly exciting.  Oh well, sometimes you just need to unplug.

This was the view from the deck.  Photo doesn’t do it justice.


I also love concerts and seeing live music in other small venues.  The only major concert I went to this year was ‘Imagine Dragons.’


This was at the Billboard Music Awards.  My seats were not this good.

They were pretty awesome but that’s the only band I got to see this year.  Boo.

I suppose 2015 could’ve been worse but it certainly could’ve been better.  It was the year of medical drama for me.  I was diagnosed with asthma, the chronic cough kind.  Finally have it under control after battling my insurance company to find an effective medicine they’d actually cover.  Greedy bastards.

I had a tooth extracted and dental implants drilled into my jaw.  That was fun – see below.

This is my actual x-ray

Then there was the mammogram scare.  You guessed it.  They found something.  You have no idea how that feels unless you’ve gone through it.  The follow up for a suspicious mammogram is a breast ultrasound.  That too, was suspicious.  Next up:  biopsy.  Horrifying.  Only bright side?  The boob doctor was a babe.  Biopsy results came back normal.  Hooray, right?  Not yet.  Cute boob doctor is so stunned that the tissue is normal he can’t believe it.  Since the ultrasound was so opaque, they want me to come back for another one to make sure they biopsied the right area.  Come the hell on, already!  Alright, enough keeping you in suspense.  The tissue was normal.  I just have really dense boobs.  Which is probably why they’re holding up so well as I get older.  Score!  (If you can’t laugh about this crap…  You know what I’m saying?)

So, huh.  Now that I think about it, 2015 kinda sucked.  So be gone, you!  Bring on 2016.  Maybe it will suck less.



26 thoughts on “Leaving the past behind

  1. So, happy to hear your holding up. You had quite a bit of good news and accomplishments in 2015. I think you had a five star year. Perhaps, I am a soft critic. You survived the year, that alone warrants a few stars. I think you need to plan more vacation time, even if you use the time to write. Here’s to 2016 being full of joy and happiness and good health. Thanks for sharing this. I feel I know you a little better. And that is a good thing that doesn’t suck.

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    1. Based on your Spam post, I checked my folder and found this comment! Thank you for your kind words! The best part of this year has been connecting with wonderful people like you! I’m thoroughly grateful for all the good things I’ve experienced this year so I hope this post didn’t come off as whiny. But sometimes life isn’t all sunshine and roses. You take the good with the bad. I know that you understand, Andrew! I’m glad to know you!

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  2. Keep meaning to tell you how much I love your new picture. Wow, lots of medical crap. I had some sort of benign thing (maybe a papilloma) removed from right breast two years ago, what they call a surgical biopsy, but it’s still a lovely battle scar. And my doc was a total babe, too! Maybe it’s a requirement in that field?

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  3. Those dental implants almost left a zebra stripe on my pants! 😛 I am never going to a dentist…!
    So so glad that the cute boob doc didn’t find anything in your tissues…yyaayyy!!
    I so enjoyed the humor in your post….awesome review of your year! Guess I should do one too, courtesy Arpita! 🙂

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  4. Still smiling after reading that! 🙂 My mom also had a bad scare earlier this year. She felt a lump and we got the tests done. But fortunately, it too turned out to be nothing. I am due for a dentist’s appointment but after looking at that, you’d probably have to pull me out from under the table. 😀
    Here’s wishing you a more fun-filled, healthier 2016.

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    1. I’m glad your mom was ok! It’s a scary thing to hear those words. I’m sure your trip to the dentist won’t be anything like mine! And despite the fact that the procedure was awful, I’m glad I did it. When all is said and done, it will like having 2 brand new teeth. I hope your 2016 is a good one, too! 😃

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  5. The person that scares me most in the world is my Dentist! I loved the humor in your post in spite of some things being very scary! You are a complete rock star! I hope you have a great 2016! I am blessed to have you as my friend! Arpita xo

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