Book Cover: Breaking Bread

I had hopes of doing my own photography for the cover but I couldn’t get it right. Fortunately, my graphic designer found an image like the one I was trying to create. I hope the black background and the ripping of the bread conveys the slightly sinister feel I wanted to conjure. This is the final task before the book is ready for release. Then, I have to adjust the manuscript’s format, upload it and the cover onto the Kindle website and within 12-24 hours the e-book will be available for purchase. The paper version takes just a wee bit longer. Stay tuned!

Revisiting Book One: cover option

I’ve been playing around with a new cover option for Three Empty Frames, book one in my series.  The current cover was designed with Create Space’s online cover creator and one of their standard templates.  Well, you heard what happened with that!  Here’s what the cover looks like now:


As you can probably tell, this isn’t a high-resolution image, which is part of the problem.  If I want to take the cover with me to Smashwords, opening up the options of publishing the book on Nook, iBooks, etc. the image quality has to be better. So I’d love to hear what you think of this option instead:


New book cover options

What do you guys think? The blurb needs tweaking and probably the author bio too.  Which image do you prefer? Joni is training for the Boston Marathon which I feel like the blurb needs to address, but that’s why the runner image.  Feedback appreciated!