To Young Love

With dreamy idleness and wanderlust
With joy and sheer delight
Describes a noble and courtly love
Descended from the heights

Like my beloved Yeats, as a young man
Seeking his unattainable Muse
But this love is within his tender grasp
This clever girl whom he would choose

With the strength of love that inspires art
So enchanting is his attendance
With warmth in my heart I bear witness
To the blossoming of his love’s resplendence

This is for my friend M.  It indeed is a joy to watch someone find true love…

43 thoughts on “To Young Love

      1. You are very welcome! I hope their new love continues to grow! 😊 Also, inspires you to write more romantic poems! Love them! ❀️

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  1. Love is a wonderful thing, especially when it grows and matures. I am amazed by all the changes I have seen, generation to generation and person to person. Thanks for the poem, Meg. It makes me feel very grateful for what I’ve got.

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