Incredible, Wonderful, Fantastic, Exciting News!

Three Empty Frames_02_HR_front_2I am so thrilled to announce that my novel Three Empty Frames has won an award!

After making some revisions to this first Bucks County Novel, I submitted it to The Writer’s Digest E-book Awards. I was informed on Thursday, December 22, that it won FIRST PRIZE (!!!!!!!) in the Mainstream Fiction category!  Unknown

What does this mean? Besides a nice cash prize, the magazine will promote the book for me, which is even more valuable in my opinion. Best of all, the fact that the book was recognized by a group of writing professionals as being worthy of this award is just the absolute best validation an aspiring author could get. The official announcement in Writer’s Digest will be published in a forthcoming issue of the magazine, so more on that when it comes out!

A clean slate for the new year.

I did it! I managed to finish the revisions of Breaking Bread before the end of the year. I’ve passed it off to a few readers for last minute feedback on the change in the story. I’m sending to my editor today with his promise to have it back to me by the end of February. In the meantime, I will work on the book cover and writing the dreaded blurb. Watch for publication in early March!

Today, I opened the file for “Here Lies a Soldier” and began rereading the story so far. I’ve dusted off my notebook for the novel and begun jotting down ideas for some changes and for what happens next. I can feel the neurons beginning to fire and I’m looking forward to picking up the threads of this story set between modern day and the time of The Great War. Watch for interesting bits of research I find as I read to write.

I also received some very exciting news at the end of the year, but I will save that for tomorrow as it deserves a post of its own!


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Meg

Here we are on the last day of November. For those tired souls who participated in National Novel Writing Month – congratulations! It’s over! I did not participate this year, but instead set the goal of revising my completed manuscript for publication. I am not sure what happened to my time this month, but I’m sorry to say that I barely even made a dent in the job. Besides the introductory section I posted recently, I have accomplished absolutely nothing!

Nevertheless, I am still going to attempt to finish so as to publish before the year is out. If it seems a little quiet around here, you’ll know why. I’ll be in the subterranean lair, feverishly editing away…