Painting (13) Night Sky

I took some inspiration from a photo again for this painting. Since the weather has finally improved, we sat outside around the fire pit the other night and enjoyed the beautiful night sky. I snapped a shot with the fire and the pool in the background which is still closed so it looks awful… so I swapped it for a pond, eliminated the fire and put some leaves on the trees since they’re just now starting to come out. My stars got a little blobby in a few places too. Eh, it’s all for practice. 

Painting (10) Moonlit Path ala Bob Ross!

So… I posted the moonlit path I came up with on my own. But as per my conversation with Peter in the comments, I thought I’d share with you the new and improved version I painted after watching the beloved Bob Ross video I’ve included at the end. Just a few notes:

Bob used black and white gesso and then over painted with oils, whereas I used clear gesso to prepare my canvas before painting in acrylic. Next I used Mars black for the underpainting and then sponge painted (natural sponge) the light source with Titanium white. I did use a foam brush for my tree trunks and followed Bob’s technique for painting in the branches and highlighted undergrowth. I decided to stop at that point and leave it as a black and white painting. As I have discovered in other attempts, oil painting techniques don’t always translate to acrylic. Nevertheless, even if you don’t paint, this video is sure to make you happy! First, here is my painting:

Here is the master: