Painting (10) Moonlit Path ala Bob Ross!

So… I posted the moonlit path I came up with on my own. But as per my conversation with Peter in the comments, I thought I’d share with you the new and improved version I painted after watching the beloved Bob Ross video I’ve included at the end. Just a few notes:

Bob used black and white gesso and then over painted with oils, whereas I used clear gesso to prepare my canvas before painting in acrylic. Next I used Mars black for the underpainting and then sponge painted (natural sponge) the light source with Titanium white. I did use a foam brush for my tree trunks and followed Bob’s technique for painting in the branches and highlighted undergrowth. I decided to stop at that point and leave it as a black and white painting. As I have discovered in other attempts, oil painting techniques don’t always translate to acrylic. Nevertheless, even if you don’t paint, this video is sure to make you happy! First, here is my painting:

Here is the master:

19 thoughts on “Painting (10) Moonlit Path ala Bob Ross!

  1. Very impressive. I’ve always adored Bob Ross, both for his painting and for his ability to put me to sleep when my insomnia wouldn’t let me any other way. Also, if anyone wants more of Mr. Ross, there’s a bunch of him on Netflix and Hulu as well as the YouTube videos.

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  2. Wow! You are an author, poet, painter….! Amazing artist you are really! And that video that you shared of Bob Ross is an inspiration and makes it look so easy.. i am sure a lot of patient detailing work goes into it though. Hecis a terrific painter and sharing his skill with others shows he has a big heart as well.

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    1. Haha! Some would say I’m easily distracted and should just concentrate on one thing! Bob Ross has passed away sadly … but at least his videos live on. He was a kind man and so soothing to watch paint.

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