Drawing Adventurously 2019 (5)

This week’s theme, dedicated to the start of March is “in like a lion.” I had every intention of trying to draw a lion, but life intrudes. My home has just gone up for sale and with a flurry of showings, I’ve had to leave the house and my art supplies behind. I am not one to take a sketch pad and draw in the car! Anyway, the lion drawing would be complex and time consuming no matter where I set up to draw. Instead I offer a glimpse of the lion-like weather we’ve been having this past week. March really did come in like a lion, with cold, snow and lots of wind! A quick sketch done with just one pencil in my small sketch pad.

16 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously 2019 (5)

  1. Ah a novel idea when you don’t have art supplies and enough time and only imagination! I admire that inspite of all that, you have still put up something nice, to keep up the challenge. Bravo!

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    1. Thank you so much Prema! And I thought reducing the drawings to every other week would help and I still ran out of time! Ahhhhh! Back on track for the next one!


      1. No problem. We are all caught up in so many complicated issues in our lives. And so what if we are late sometimes, we still catch up, don’t we? If you find some time, do look up my last one on romance; you know i value your comment and look forward to it.☺

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    1. Thanks so much, Simon! What a start to the month of March – it feels like January just when we’re ready for spring! Hope you’re well!


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