A Year Of Drawing Adventurously Drawing (7) Theme

A biweekly challenge for a total of 26 drawings this year.

This is the last weekend of this tumultuous month. March has indeed been a wild weather month, beginning with snow and wind and ending up [at least in the Bucks County region] with temperatures in the 70’s! So as the saying goes ‘in like a lion’ our first theme of the month, this week’s theme is:

“Out like a lamb”

Any and all interpretations are welcome!

Drawing Adventurously 2019 (5)

This week’s theme, dedicated to the start of March is “in like a lion.” I had every intention of trying to draw a lion, but life intrudes. My home has just gone up for sale and with a flurry of showings, I’ve had to leave the house and my art supplies behind. I am not one to take a sketch pad and draw in the car! Anyway, the lion drawing would be complex and time consuming no matter where I set up to draw. Instead I offer a glimpse of the lion-like weather we’ve been having this past week. March really did come in like a lion, with cold, snow and lots of wind! A quick sketch done with just one pencil in my small sketch pad.