Villanova Wildcats are National Champions!


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They did it!  Philadelphia has a winning sports team!  I’m so off the chart excited I can’t think straight!  It was such a close game, too.  Exactly the kind of thing you would hope for in a national championship.  The lead changed back and forth multiple times.  I think the largest lead by either team was only 6 points.  So evenly matched, it went right down to the wire! Watch this!


And my bracket?  Out of the hundreds of thousands of people I was up against, I ranked 6805th.  I know that doesn’t sound all that great but statistically I’m in the 100th percentile!  Not bad for a girl, right?!?  I hereby claim the title “Queen of the Brackets!”  Until next year, my friends!

23 thoughts on “Villanova Wildcats are National Champions!

  1. I, too, picked Nova to win it all. However, I’m in the heart of the UNC fan-zone, so I couldn’t be too happy today. Oh, who am I kidding? I thought they’d win, they did, and now I’m winner of the school contest. Go me!

    And next year, watch out ’cause UConn’s coming back!

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