Villanova Wildcats are National Champions!


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They did it!  Philadelphia has a winning sports team!  I’m so off the chart excited I can’t think straight!  It was such a close game, too.  Exactly the kind of thing you would hope for in a national championship.  The lead changed back and forth multiple times.  I think the largest lead by either team was only 6 points.  So evenly matched, it went right down to the wire! Watch this!


And my bracket?  Out of the hundreds of thousands of people I was up against, I ranked 6805th.  I know that doesn’t sound all that great but statistically I’m in the 100th percentile!  Not bad for a girl, right?!?  I hereby claim the title “Queen of the Brackets!”  Until next year, my friends!

Happy “Madness” everyone!

It’s true.  I’m one of those people.  One of the thousands of fans who get absolutely nothing done for the next couple weeks while the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is on.  I’m a calculator who hedges her bets by filling out 14 brackets and entering them all over the place.  An obsessive stat keeper whose WiFi has barely enough bandwidth to run 2 TVs and 2 streaming feeds so that all the opening round games are on at once.  (I’m exaggerating, I have awesome WiFi.)  The competitor who needs her phone and her iPad to trash talk with her friends in other parts of the country.  The girl who has a crush on Jay Wright, the coach from Villanova.  (Tall, dark and handsome!  Am I right?)

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It started last night with “The First Four” and will culminate April 4th with the National Championship. Throughout this time, I will be in the throes of March Madness.  The best part?  Three Philly area teams to root for!  Besides Villanova, Temple and St. Joe’s are in as well!  There’s a chance Nova and Temple will face each other in the second round.  I know, I know… No one thinks any of these teams has a shot to go the distance -it’ll probably be North Carolina or Kansas- but I can dream!  The East Regional games are being played here at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.  I’m trying to convince my non-basketball fan husband to go.  (It’s not working.)  In any case, I thought I’d let you know, in case I forget to blog for the next couple weeks.  I’m not dead or incapacitated, just happily distracted!

I’ll be posting my picks later today so you can see my skill at bracketology! I promise to limit my post to the best of the 14 or so brackets I fill out once I have studied, analyzed and obsessed for a while…. Anybody else out there totally off the charts excited like me?  And if you are,  WHO YA GOT?!?