Happy “Madness” everyone!

It’s true.  I’m one of those people.  One of the thousands of fans who get absolutely nothing done for the next couple weeks while the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is on.  I’m a calculator who hedges her bets by filling out 14 brackets and entering them all over the place.  An obsessive stat keeper whose WiFi has barely enough bandwidth to run 2 TVs and 2 streaming feeds so that all the opening round games are on at once.  (I’m exaggerating, I have awesome WiFi.)  The competitor who needs her phone and her iPad to trash talk with her friends in other parts of the country.  The girl who has a crush on Jay Wright, the coach from Villanova.  (Tall, dark and handsome!  Am I right?)

Jay Wright via philly.com

It started last night with “The First Four” and will culminate April 4th with the National Championship. Throughout this time, I will be in the throes of March Madness.  The best part?  Three Philly area teams to root for!  Besides Villanova, Temple and St. Joe’s are in as well!  There’s a chance Nova and Temple will face each other in the second round.  I know, I know… No one thinks any of these teams has a shot to go the distance -it’ll probably be North Carolina or Kansas- but I can dream!  The East Regional games are being played here at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.  I’m trying to convince my non-basketball fan husband to go.  (It’s not working.)  In any case, I thought I’d let you know, in case I forget to blog for the next couple weeks.  I’m not dead or incapacitated, just happily distracted!

I’ll be posting my picks later today so you can see my skill at bracketology! I promise to limit my post to the best of the 14 or so brackets I fill out once I have studied, analyzed and obsessed for a while…. Anybody else out there totally off the charts excited like me?  And if you are,  WHO YA GOT?!?


46 thoughts on “Happy “Madness” everyone!

  1. I need your picks, babe! I have to do these bracket pools and I don’t know what I’m doing. I agree Jay Wright is gorgeous, should I just go with the best looking coaches? It seems shallow, but I’d have a reason to watch, right?

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      1. Gonzaga is a great team but there’s no way they can go all the way. Duke struggled this year and was ranked a lot lower earlier in the season. For a safe pick go with North Carolina. A non number one team that could go the distance is Michigan St. They will definitely be one of my top picks!

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  2. I know zero about basketball… or about any sport, really. But your posts are so great… You always make me laugh. 😀 oh, and I used to fill out a bracket every year at my old office… And I chose completely randomly. Please try not to cringe. 😀

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  3. Ok, I’ll make a short story long. Life-long Univ. of Louiville fan. This is bball country. The hated sUcKs from down the road have won 8 titles, my beloved Cards have won 3. Over 20 Final Fours between the two. An I a nut? Absofuckinglutely! Generally, I’m in multiple pools, and fill out 20 brackets, most with my Cards winning it all, of course. However, this year I don’t care. If you’re a college bball fan, you may already know about the scandal that broke at UofL in the Fall. If not, evidently a former player, and member of the support staff at the time, was hosting stripper parties, even a little sex for recruits. The main character wrote a tell all book and blew it up. It’s easy to find the full story on-line. Anyway, the AD went the route of self-imposing a postseason ban this year, presumably to get out in front of any future fall out from the NCAA. So no tourney for us this year. I’m depressed as hell about it too. Shit, we were ranked 11 at end of the year and likely wouldve been a 3 or 4 seed. I hate it, but we’re on the outside this year, and maybe next, depending on the NCAA hammer. I don’t care who wins it, so long as it’s not UK. Hate those fuckers! So, since I like you, and I always respected ‘Nova from days together in the old Big East, I’ll cast my lot with you and the dashing Jay Wright. So, there ya go. My favorites will be ‘Nova and whoever is playing Kentucky (bastards). Now pardon me while I cry over my blank bracket. 😔

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    1. Oh my god! What a fantastic rant! Love it. Not a Kentucky fan either. I remember when the scandal broke. What a mess. And such a disappointment for the fans and the students not involved. Reminiscent of the Penn State/Sandusky scandal – punishing the students for the sins of the coaching staff. I only hope Nova doesn’t choke the way the always do. Elite eight is the best they’ve managed in recent years. Also, St. Joe’s has a decent team this year, have hopes for them to make it into the sweet 16, maybe. Oh, I’m so glad you’re a fan! 😀

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      1. I HATE sUcKs!!! And Cali-pay-me? Scumbag. Fuck them, him, their fans, and anything related to that gawd awful campus! Well, I feel better. Go ‘Nova…and whoever’s playing the kittens! 😃
        I literally wasn’t planning to watch a second of this tourney. It breaks my heart. Thanks for giving me a reason to watch. 👍

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  4. Both my husband and father-in-law are huge NCAA basketball fans, so I’ve been hearing about the tournament for awhile now, despite my best efforts to tune it out. Now I’m wishing I paid more attention: there’s a pool at work, and I had to make my choices based upon if I knew anyone who had graduated from the school, and whether or not I liked that person.

    That’s probably as good a method as any, right? 😉

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    1. This is by far my favorite sporting event all year long. Better even than the football playoffs and the Super Bowl. I love that the underdog actually stands a chance and that some of these kids will never go on to play professionally. It really is for the love of the game!


  5. I think Villanova has the best chance, though I’m a 100% UCONN fan. As one who lives in eastern NC, no one in my area thinks UNC will win it all (even those who are rabid UNC fans admit it’ll be a tough row to hoe.)

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  6. Yes I love playing March Madness too and I don’t watch college basketball except for now! Unfortunately I was unable to get into a pool this year first time in like 20 years!!! But I’ll let you in on a little secret…I played in a contest with a radio station several years ago and I came in 5th out of 5,000…and you know how I made my picks….where would I rather live! Yup I did the best that year, than any year I picked based on what the press said, or stats or whatever…where would I rather live!! Try it you might just win!!! Good luck…:-)

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  7. Meg, obviously am rooting for our “Big 3” but for my Final Four I’m going with Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Michigan State with State to win it all. Always have a laugh when the Tournament starts up and that bracket is in the trash can by the end of the second weekend! Good Luck!

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  8. I want to see your filled out bracket! Hey, you never know. When Nova won the championship no one expected that, so don’t rule them out yet! I’m pretty sure you can rule out St. Joes though

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  9. Ok so you got me all pumped up and there was no way I could let March Madness go by without playing…I filled out three brackets and I have picked UNC to win in two of them and Oregon to win in the other!! I thought UNC was going to lose based on the first half and I thought uh-oh…but thankfully they came thru!! Good luck!!! 🙂

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