White Flag

A poem by Meg Sorick*

It’s a war of attrition
When the cease fire is ordered
No one knows who gave the command
The result is a stalemate
Neither side can claim victory
Even though both will
And as the soldiers wearily lay down their weapons,
Trudge, exhausted from the field
Someone raises a white flag on the line
Amidst the rubble
When the smoke clears
There is nothing but devastation
As far as the eye can see

*This piece was originally a second stanza to the poem I posted a couple weeks ago: The Last Scene. I separated the two, even though the theme is the same, the structure was different. At some point I may reconstruct both parts into one poem … if I can figure it out. Because this is not about war, and The Last Scene is not about theater, they are allegorical. I feel like there needs to be another concluding stanza as well. Poetical insights welcome.

~The illustration is my own~

19 thoughts on “White Flag

    1. Thanks, Dee! Yep life, relationships, love, career and family… Sometimes it all feels like a battle. 😞 I am trying to practice gratitude and contentment, though. ❤️

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  1. Hi Meg, this is a wonderfully dark piece as is, “The Last Scene”. For me both of these pieces allude to life and the acceptance of things as we move towards the end, not always pretty. I think they hold hands well, complementing each other. Perhaps you can write another ‘scene’ or two, maybe three, all capturing the same essence, same theme from different vantage points, just an idea. Enjoy your Thursday! ~ Mia

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    1. Thanks, Mia. Yes, that was what I was intending to convey. I think you’re right – adding another perspective (or 2 or 3) will give it more comprehensiveness. Appreciate your suggestions! I will never be primarily a poet, but I do enjoy the process! 💗

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