Painting (13) Night Sky

I took some inspiration from a photo again for this painting. Since the weather has finally improved, we sat outside around the fire pit the other night and enjoyed the beautiful night sky. I snapped a shot with the fire and the pool in the background which is still closed so it looks awful… so I swapped it for a pond, eliminated the fire and put some leaves on the trees since they’re just now starting to come out. My stars got a little blobby in a few places too. Eh, it’s all for practice. 

23 thoughts on “Painting (13) Night Sky

  1. The sky looks so lovely, i wish i could have a campfire night. My place is very warm right now so no luck. My favorite season is monsoon with cool gentle breeze, cloudy skies, yhe mudfy smell, thunder and lightning once in a while with pouring rain et all. Only thing i dislike is the slush.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the warm weather has been taking its time arriving. Finally getting sunshine and blue skies. The monsoon season sounds refreshing! But I wouldn’t like the slush either!


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