Diverse Verse – Poetry For a Cause

Sometime last year (memory not what it used to be…) poet Richard Archer asked for submissions to what would become a third volume of verse from poets across the globe to benefit Cancer Research, UK. I offered my favorite poem: Just Burn and was delighted to be accepted for the publication. Please consider buying this marvelous collection and supporting a most worthy cause! Purchase the book here.

My contribution: Just Burn

Why do I write in the light,
When the dark is so intoxicating?
Just to keep up appearances?
Do I continue to smile though I’m dying?
How do I find my voice?
Amidst a cacophony of screaming?
I don’t want your self help diatribe.
I don’t want your power of positive thinking.

I can’t hear myself think,
Let alone pen a work of distinction.
I need a strong, stiff drink,
But that’s only self medication.
And what’s it all mean anyway?
When nothing’s going to give satisfaction?
Just a book full of ink spots,
That sits on a shelf gathering desolation.

How do I come to grips,
With my own profound unhappiness?
I’m nothing but thunderstorms and anger.
Keep your sunshine and sweetness.
I have no more words of encouragement.
It’s cruelty, competition, unfairness.
The theme for the day is belligerence.
It’s outworking displays it’s aggressiveness.

So save your kindly comments,
And your gestures of reverent concern.
For into the fires of failure,
I let the manuscripts burn.
Lick the curling hundreds of pages,
Kindle the books, at each turn,
Throw gas on the conflagration,
And I’m gone nevermore to return…

23 thoughts on “Diverse Verse – Poetry For a Cause

  1. Lovely poem Meg. There are a few other familiar names amongst the contributors and I am proud to claim my entry as my first ever published poem. However, it is the stirling work of Richard Archer that makes this possible, benefitting poets, and poetry readers, but, more importantly, a very worthy charity.

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    1. Yes! It’s my first published poem, too. I’m so happy to be included. And among poets of very high quality – like yourself! And yes, a most worthy cause. Very happy to contribute to that as well!

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  2. Meg, congratulations of the publication of your poem, “Just Burn”. Super poem, I can certainly relate to many of the same frustrations. Sometimes the need to create is a thankless endeavor. Wishing you a terrific Tuesday afternoon. ~ Mia 💗

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    1. Thank you, Mia! A first time for publishing a poem. I’m thrilled to have been included. But yes, that is the way it feels when writer’s block kicks in or everything you’ve written seems like a waste of time. And then it passes…. ☀️

      Wishing you a great rest of the day as well! 💗

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      1. You’re welcome, Meg. It’s very exciting to be included.

        It passes, thankfully. My pep talk to myself, dumb as it is, it keeps me going. “It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a new opportunity to…” insert whatever you like. 😉 💗 Thank you for the nice wishes.

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