The Summer Of Madness – By Alexander Raphael

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than reading a good story. Even more so when it is written by a friend and fellow blogger.

The Summer Of Madness is the story of a young man trying to win back the girlfriend he took for granted. Oblivious to her needs while they were together, he is devastated when she abruptly leaves. He tries everything –from small to large but to no avail. His last desperate attempt is a grand gesture, the most public of displays and if this doesn’t work then he knows it’s truly over. And that is as much as I’ll say about the story itself so I don’t spoil it!

Alex has written a delightful, engaging story. Whether you hope for reconciliation between the two estranged lovers or you find yourself hoping for a different outcome, I have no doubt you’ll become invested in the characters Alex has written. This 27 page short story is Alex’s first published work. With The Summer Of Madness as a debut, I can only expect great things going forward.

The Summer Of Madness is available on Amazon and can be purchased in both paper and electronic format. And be sure to visit Alex’s Blog and say hello!

Diverse Verse – Poetry For a Cause

Sometime last year (memory not what it used to be…) poet Richard Archer asked for submissions to what would become a third volume of verse from poets across the globe to benefit Cancer Research, UK. I offered my favorite poem: Just Burn and was delighted to be accepted for the publication. Please consider buying this marvelous collection and supporting a most worthy cause! Purchase the book here.

My contribution: Just Burn

Why do I write in the light,
When the dark is so intoxicating?
Just to keep up appearances?
Do I continue to smile though I’m dying?
How do I find my voice?
Amidst a cacophony of screaming?
I don’t want your self help diatribe.
I don’t want your power of positive thinking.

I can’t hear myself think,
Let alone pen a work of distinction.
I need a strong, stiff drink,
But that’s only self medication.
And what’s it all mean anyway?
When nothing’s going to give satisfaction?
Just a book full of ink spots,
That sits on a shelf gathering desolation.

How do I come to grips,
With my own profound unhappiness?
I’m nothing but thunderstorms and anger.
Keep your sunshine and sweetness.
I have no more words of encouragement.
It’s cruelty, competition, unfairness.
The theme for the day is belligerence.
It’s outworking displays it’s aggressiveness.

So save your kindly comments,
And your gestures of reverent concern.
For into the fires of failure,
I let the manuscripts burn.
Lick the curling hundreds of pages,
Kindle the books, at each turn,
Throw gas on the conflagration,
And I’m gone nevermore to return…

Incredible, Wonderful, Fantastic, Exciting News!

Three Empty Frames_02_HR_front_2I am so thrilled to announce that my novel Three Empty Frames has won an award!

After making some revisions to this first Bucks County Novel, I submitted it to The Writer’s Digest E-book Awards. I was informed on Thursday, December 22, that it won FIRST PRIZE (!!!!!!!) in the Mainstream Fiction category!  Unknown

What does this mean? Besides a nice cash prize, the magazine will promote the book for me, which is even more valuable in my opinion. Best of all, the fact that the book was recognized by a group of writing professionals as being worthy of this award is just the absolute best validation an aspiring author could get. The official announcement in Writer’s Digest will be published in a forthcoming issue of the magazine, so more on that when it comes out!