Foto Friday – #cyw Color Your World Week 6

The colors in the Crayola box this week for the Color Your World Challenge from Tourmalinenow:

Since I covered Screaming Green earlier this week, I’ll start with Number Two..

2. Outer Space: This is me practicing night photography so it’s not the greatest. One of these days I’ll figure out these settings!

3. Sun glow: skillet cornbread perfect with a bowl of spicy chili on a cold winter day

4. Bittersweet: One of my autumn acrylic paintings

5. Dazzle Dazzle Rose: the notebook on the top, and head I still handwrite a lot of my preliminary scenes before committing them to the electronic file!

6. Purple Heart: Roger Waters in concert last summer – the opening number

6. Piggy Pink: flowers clinging to the cliffs

13 thoughts on “Foto Friday – #cyw Color Your World Week 6

    1. He was amazing!!!! Possibly the best show I’ve ever seen. Definitely top 3! This cornbread is a new recipe I tried – it’s got jalapeños in it! Spicy and sweet!

      PS I’m back in Ireland, landed this morning… so I’m hoping for shades of green in next weeks challenge!

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      1. Hey! That’s fantastic!! Have a Guinness or three for me! I saw Pink Floyd several times years ago, and I love Waters’ last album. I bet it was cool. I know those Pink Floyd shows were terrific. Altered mind and all. 😏

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      1. I don’t know how you did it but you created a sort of 3D effect with the lake in the painting. As for the nighttime photo, I think longer exposure time will help out. But I’m just a point and shoot guy. Best ask a real photographer

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  1. Hey, last time I looked you’re supposed to be on vacation. So stop checking WordPress, have a vacation, rest, recreate, and put those supercharged Sorick jets in neutral. You are on vacation. Now concentrate. Say it over and over “Tom is right. I’m on vacation”. Meg, the last real vacation I had was in 1997. You don’t know when your next one will come along. Cherish this time. Now say it one more time. “Tom is right. I’m on vacation”. Sheesh, some people just can’t take a hint.

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    1. Ah! You’re funny! It’s not really a vacation – exactly… Here’s how it goes: my husband’s company has a plant in Ireland. He comes over at least once if not twice a year to work. Sometimes for a 2-3 week stretch. When he does, I come for the some of the time. So basically I get to wander around the west coast of Ireland for not much money. The accommodations are covered and I pay for my flight. I use my feet and the local busses to meander about! So no worries there is plenty of relaxing going on!


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